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Accreditation by the National Home Watch Association means our services are based on industry best practices

Concierge Services

Special needs other than Home Watch?  Our list of additional tasks is designed to meet your needs when you are away.

 Our Service Areas

Homosassa, Homosassa Springs, Crystal river, Brooksville, Spring Hill, Weekie Wachee, Weeki Wachee Gardens, Sugar Mill Woods, Ozello, Chassahwitzka, Citrus Hills, Inverness, Lecanto, Black Diamond, Beverly Hills, Pine Island, Bayport, Inglis, Southern Woods.

Our Checklist Can Be Customized To Your Needs

  • Homosassa Home Watch will inspect exterior and interior of home on a bi-weekly or weekly basis.
  • Exterior inspection includes:
  • Check windows and doors are locked and check for signs of forced entry.
  • Check for any damage to walls, trees, fences.
  • Check water level in pools and spas.
  • Remove newspapers from driveways and walks.
  • Check and collect mail.
  • Check condition of landscaping.
  • Does the house give an appearance of being vacant?
  • Interior inspection includes:
  • Check and record temperature and humidity levels.
  • Check electrical panel for tripped breakers.
  • Check temperature of refrigerator and freezer.
  • Ensure all windows and doors are locked.
  • Check for any signs of plumbing or roof leaks.
  • Check for any abnormal presence of insects.
  • Check and water up to 4 indoor plants.
  • Flush all toilets.
  • Brush all toilets.
  • Run water in all faucets, showers and tubs.
  • Reset digital clocks if power is interrupted.
  • Check for signs of unauthorized visitors.

Concierge Services To Meet Your Special Needs

  • Meet service contractors (pest control, Air conditioning service, plumber ect.)
  • Start cars.
  • Add pool water
  • Add chlorine to pool ( customer supplied)
  • Shopping for household items in preparation of your return
  • Storm prep- remove items from patio, yard and lanais.
  • Hurricane shutters- close roll down style shutters only.
  • Change air conditioning filters.
  • House cleaning.
  • Transportation to airport or appointments.
  • Change batteries in smoke detectors and CO detectors
  • Meet with contractors for new construction.
  • Changed burned out light bulbs.

Key Holder Service provides entry for police and fire in the event of an emergency,  service companies such as pest control or other services requested by the client. Keys are securely stored when not in use and are not identified with any name or street address.

Do you have a request that is not on the list?  Please inquire to discuss if we can assist you in any way.

Condo Catastrophe, a True Story

When I was 16 years , living in West Hartford Connecticut, my parents moved the family to Tampa.  After 5 years in Tampa they moved back to Connecticut where they would reside year round.  It did not take long for Mom to miss the sunny days of Florida and the visits to her favorite beaches.  So soon thereafter, Mom and Dad purchased a 2 story condo in Jupiter Florida, a 5 minute walk to the beach. They would divide their time between Connecticut and Jupiter. Mom was ecstatic!

A few days before returning to Jupiter for a visit, Mom called a neighbor and informed them that they would be there in 3 days. The neighbor said great, we will turn the water on and get your place ready for you.  Mom and Dad arrived 3 days later. As they approached the sliding doors on the lanai where they entered, water was running out of the sliding doors on to the lanai.

Once inside they could not believe their eyes. The condo was flooded, all of the flooring ruined, all of the furniture ruined, the walls has absorbed the water and the drywall and curtains were on the flooded floor. All of their furnishings on both floors were a total loss.

Mom’s dream of a condo by the beach were gone. They sold the condo and returned to Connecticut.

We all have neighbors that want to help and this neighbor was no exception.  Some things are best left to professionals who are trained, certified, bonded and insured and home watch is one of those things.

So, what caused the flood? The water line valve to the toilet in the second floor bathroom had been closed after Mom and Dad left for Connecticut. The neighbor opened the value and the valve leaked for 3 days.

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Lynn Cameron, owner of Homosassa Home Watch, has been designated as a Certified Home Watch Professional by the National Home Watch Association.  A NHWA member achieves certification through the completion of a training curriculum and examination based on the NHWA’s Best Practices as set forth by the leading Home Watch business owners throughout the United States and Canada.  Lynn has demonstrated the highest commitment to excellence and his clients best interest by upholding the highest standards in the Home Watch industry.