Do you leave your home unattended while you are away for extended periods of time?

If you answered yes, then you are at risk!

What is Home Watch?

Home Watch is a visual inspection of a home or property looking for obvious issues.

Accredited by the NHWA

Homosassa Home Watch is an accredited Home Watch business.

Leaving your home for any length of time can be stressful and scary.

Even when you think you have taken all of the precautions needed, many unforeseen issues can and will arise.  This is why you need a professional home watch service to look out for your precious investment.  Early detection of issues can save you thousands of dollars and hours of undue stress.

When you are away from home you may ask:

  • What is happening in and around my home?
  • Is my air conditioning working so mold is not growing in my home?
  • Is there a leak in my plumbing that could damage my floors, walls, and furnishings?
  • Is someone squatting in my home?
  • Is the yard service coming every week so my home looks lived in?
  • Am I complying with the HOA rules?
  • Is the swimming pool green?
  • Have insects and rodents taken over during my absence?

Homosassa Home Watch can provide peace of mind about these concerns so you can rest assured.  Our professional and certified inspectors will check your home on a routine scheduled basis.  We will customize a schedule that works for you, not us. We will provide a detailed report of our inspection shortly after visiting your home.  In the event an issue is discovered, we will contact you via phone immediately while onsite to discuss action and resolution plans.

Why do I need a Home Watch Service?

To alert you to unforeseen issues that will arise when you are away.

During your absence, you want your home to look lived in. If neglected, it can easily become a target for squatters and people looking to take advantage of the situation. Frequent visits to your home will help in minimizing potential risks. In the event of an emergency or a service company needs access to your home; we can be there for you.

Due to Covid-19, HHW employees will wear face coverings and maintain social distancing during any in person meetings.

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Lynn Cameron, owner of Homosassa Home Watch, has been designated as a Certified Home Watch Professional by the National Home Watch Association.  A NHWA member achieves certification through the completion of a training curriculum and examination based on the NHWA’s Best Practices as set forth by the leading Home Watch business owners throughout the United States and Canada.  Lynn has demonstrated the highest commitment to excellence and his clients best interest by upholding the highest standards in the Home Watch industry.